1. How to register for the online certificate course on energy laws?

The registration process is online as well as you can download and send the registration form at the registered office. The address is given on the website. Please visit https://www.dgef.in/ Follow the steps as given in the link.

2. What is the duration of the Course?

The minimum duration in which the course can be completed is 3 months.

3. What is the fees of the Course?

The course fees for the law students is INR 9000.
The course fees for professionals is INR 7000.
The course fees for international students is US $290.

4. What are the mode of the payments?

The payment can be made through following ways-

• Depositing the amount in the bank account.
• Through Online payment on the website after registering for the course.
• Through NEFT/RTGS.
• By swapping card at head office.

5. Who will be Eligible to join the Course?

All the Candidates who are 12th passed are eligible for the course.

6. After how many days of completion of the course the certificates will be issued?

The certificate will be issued to the students within 15 days of the taking of the exam via post or at the Annual Energy Conference that will be held on every year of 15th April. (At the option of the Candidate).

7. Who will be eligible for the Certificate of the course?

All the Students who will secure a minimum of 40% will be eligible for the Certificate, which will be issued by Dr.Gopal Energy Foundation.

8. How many modules are there in the online course?

There are total six modules in the course.

9. What is the objective of the course?

This course will make you familiar with the Electricity laws with regard to Electricity Act, 2003. This Certificate Course in Electricity laws is offered by Dr. Gopal Energy Foundation and is highly recommended course for Lawyers, Law Students, and Professionals who are working in Energy sector or anyone who wants to excel in Electricity laws.

10. How the course will be divided in three months?

The course contains a total of six modules. Two modules will be covered in each month.

11. How many tests will be conducted?

There will be one final test at the end of the three months, which the student will have to give within the seven days of the completion of the course.

12. What is the minimum requirement for completing the course?

Each student will have to secure a minimum of 40% to complete the course successfully.

13. How distribution of marks will take place?

The course carries a total marks of 100 marks. 30 marks will be awarded from the monthly end reports and 70 marks will be awarded from the final exam.

14. What are you required to write in the monthly report?

You will have to write an article on any one topic of the two modules of the month in approx. 500 words. The article should be in your own words.

15. What if any query arises while studying the modules?

If any problem or confusion arises to any student, he can write a mail explaining the problem he is facing in the module and he will be replied within 24hrs. The 24*7 helpline no. is. – You can also get connected to our Energy law experts via Tele-conference for any queries in the modules.